To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the very first World Rally Championship and Alpine’s brilliant victory, the brand came back with an eye-catching new design of the A110 that will be racing against the vintage version on the famous Italian circuit of San Remo.


A film by Franck Trozzo Kazagui for Renault Alpine.



Alessandro Dellisola. (Young man)

Agostino Casaretto. (Old man)

Maurizio Poggio. (Waiter)


Production Company: Obvious.

Producer: Maximilien Rivolet.

Line Producer: Amine Ketem.

Production Coordinator: Colin Vielliard.

Service Production: Orlando Film.

Executive Producer: Matteo Landò.

Executive Producer: Alexia Gamba.

Accounting: Cinzia Grazzini.

Production Manager: Igor Ignaccolo.

Unit Manager: Matteo Viviani.

Location Manager: Luca Massa.

Location Manager: Sara Canepa.

Producer Assistant: Luca Leonardi.

Producer Assistant: Simone Caridi.


Agency: Havas

Creative Director: Lucas Mongiello.

Account Manager: Corinne Dutoit.

TV Producer: Ingrid Vasseur.

Social Media Consultant: Dimitri Boudnikoff.

Renault Team: Xavier Braun, Nathan Musset and Mathilde Thouant.


Cinematographer: Laurent Rodriguez.

1st Director Assistant: Marco Peviani.

Focus Puller: Maurizio Iannello.

2nd Assistant Camera: Marco Angeloni.

VTR: Valentina Della Torre.

DIT: Andrea Brolpito.

BTS: Mario Schiniotakis.

Drone Operators: Diego Orel & Massimo Alfarano.

U-Crane: Constantin Abalasei.

U-Crane Technician: Cristian Abalasei and Alessandro Barisano.

Key Grip: Guido Magri.

Grip: Alessio Fugolo.

Gaffer: Fabio Bonizzoni.

Electrician: Roberto Marchini.

Set Decorator: Luca Vitetta.

Prop Man: Vittorio Mangiafico.

Stylist: Chiara Allievi.

Seamstress: Maria Gentile.

Makeup Artist: Fulvia Bartoli.

Set Photographer: Mark Riccioni.

Car Driver: Laurent Hurgon.

Car Driver Berlinette: Jurgen Clauss.

Car Prep: Charles Heidet.

Truck Driver: Sébastien Michon.

Camera truck: Maurizio Preite.

Light & Grip truck: Antonio Interra.

Light & Grip truck: Simone Fiorentino.

Wardrobe & Art department truck: Simone Boncristiano.

SUPPLIERS: Light & Grip: MOVIE PEOPLE (Roberto)




Post-production supervisor: Colin Vielliard.

VFX Artist: Clément Milot c/o Katlas Production.

CGI Artist: Leon Monschauer.

Editor: András Guti.

Second Editor: Lola Margrain.

Director Cut: Franck Trozzo Kazagui.

Colorist: Manuel Portschy.

Music Service: Pace Music.

Music Compositor: Brit Myers.

Mix, Sound design and mastered by GrownKids.


‘ Director’s Cut ‘


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