< Franck Trozzo Kazagui / F.T.K > is a freelance French film director based in Berlin.


After spending most of his childhood in the Central Africa Republic, he returned to his hometown Le Mans as a teenager, where he studied architecture, after a career as a team manager in the skate industry, later on, moving pictures became Franck’s passion and inspired him to start a career as a self-taught film director in Paris with a modern approach to his work by crafting culturally driven films with an intimate relationship between his protagonists and the viewers, combined with a highly polished cinematic aesthetic and bold camera transitions has become his trademark in the advertising world.


Franck has developed and self-produced several personal projects with an inclusive approach allowing his characters to truly feel seen like in his last short film < LUCIA > that breaks the stigma of being a pole dancer in modern times gotten premiered on Nowness, < MOVEMENT > earns him several recognitions and premiered on the platform Booooooom or < HÉRITAGE > which is dedicated to his best friend’s father who passed away from cancer.


LUCIA < Nowness > – In short film LUCIA, French filmmaker Franck Trozzo Kazagui shapes an intimate portrait of the artist in three parts – engaging with the learnings she has taken from her fine-tuned approach to performance.

LUCIA < Shots > – Trozzo Kazagui was first introduced to Pedroso in 2019. From that moment, she gave him access to her story and the trust to write a film about breaking the stigmas of being a pole dancer in modern times. Their partnership resulted in a raw celebration of self-expression through dance.

LUCIA < Lbbonline > – On the film, Franck says “Historically pole dancing has been seen as a sexual and money-making activity. Getting to know Lucia in the early stage of the film four years ago made me realise how utterly wrong that perception is.

LUCIA < Minute Shorts > – For decades pole dance has been seen as a sexual and money-rooted activity when in real life pole dance is a space for people to express themselves freely, a movement to embody femininity, strength, and sexuality through dance and art performance, this film is Lucia’s journey that breaks the stigma of being a pole dancer in modern times. 

LUCIA < Metalocus > – The short film « LUCIA », filmed by French filmmaker Franck Trozzo Kazagui, captures the change in perception that has occurred about « pole dancing » through the story of the multidisciplinary artist based in Berlin, Lucía Cabrera Pedroso.

LUCIA < Packshotmag > – Franck Trozzo Kazagui concludes the year in style with the release of LUCIA, in this dreamlike short film, the director tackles one of his favorite themes: movement. Franck has already explored this subject during his collaboration with OBVIOUS, through campaigns such as ACS+ by Salomon or Dior Sauvage.

ADIDAS / STORMZY < The Guardian >Merky FC: Stormzy launches new initiative to boost diversity in football.

ADIDAS / STORMZY < Metro >‘Enough. On the pitch, we do our thing, but off the pitch, it’s like we don’t exist. Those are the words of Stormzy, who is today launching a football program with Adidas to help members of the Black community secure roles in the wider industry. In the project’s powerful launch video, Stormzy announced his plan to create the next generation of leaders in the sport.

ADIDAS / STORMZY <Goal >Stormzy has partnered with Adidas Football to launch Merky FC, the initiative was announced in a video released by Adidas and Stormzy, in which the rapper says, “on the pitch, we do our thing. Off the pitch, it’s like we don’t exist.” But Stormzy then declares: “That’s all about to change.” To drive this change, Adidas and Stormzy have partnered with a range of organizations from across the football industry.

ADIDAS / STORMZY <Skysports >Stormzy and Adidas have announced a partnership with 10 brands, including Sky Sports, to come together on a multi-year initiative, Merky FC – a program committed to enhancing and protecting diverse representation in the football industry.

DIOR – <Kodak >New spot today for Dior Homme Sport. UNSPOILED SCENT features boxer « Kontra K ». The piece was written and directed by Franck Trozzo Kazagui, and shot on 200T & 500T 16mm.

DIOR<GQ>The new fragrance strikes like a boxer’s uppercut while maintaining its casual elegance. Christian Dior Parfums is betting on boxing for its campaign and on the rapper and avid boxer Kontra K.

BOWMORE / THOMAS VANZ< Nowness >Journey through time with the French artist capturing the cosmos for Bowmore’s Timeless Series—a new whisky release, in this special episode of Raw Materials directed by Franck Trozzo Kazagui, Vanz journeys from his studio in Paris to locations across the city that stoke his inspirations.

PAY IT FORWARD Free The Work > – For this month’s edition, we asked creators from our database to nominate a creator who they think should be “up next”.

NIKE / OVERKILL< Shots > – Well-crafted 2021 commercial.

MOVEMENT  < Booooooom > – Battle Of The Year winner Wilfried Ebongue of b-boy crew Legiteam Obstruxion shares the way he finds inspiration through movement in this short portrait by French director Franck Trozzo Kazagui.

UNISON –  <1.4> – Franck Trozzo Kazagui, titled Unison, which is shot through with a striking raw energy. 1.4 caught up with the director in Berlin.

UNISON <Nowness> – Travel between space and time through magnetic energy.

UNISON <Film Shortage>Daily Short Pick: A journey of dancers traveling between space and time through magnetic energy directed by Berlin-based French director Franck Trozzo Kazagui.

INTERVIEW 1.4 > – The fledgling director has already trained his lens on a wide-ranging array of projects.

LUCIA < 1.4 > – Flying High – Short Film – Non Fiction 2024 Official Selection.

DIOR ‘ UNSPOILED SCENT ‘ – < Berlin Commercial > – Craft: Direction 2022 Official Selection.

DIOR ‘ UNSPOILED SCENT ‘ – < Berlin Commercial > – Craft: Cinematography 2022 Official Selection.

DIOR ‘ UNSPOILED SCENT ‘ – < Berlin Commercial > – Commercials and Branded Content 2022 Official Selection.

NIKE ‘ BOMBOX ‘  – < Berlin Fashion Film  > – Best Fashion Film 2022 Official Selection.

GANG GANG – < Berlin Commercial > – Craft: Direction  2021 Official Selection.

MOVEMENT < Toronto Independent Festival of Cift > – Best International Narrative Short 2021 Official Selection.

MOVEMENT < Montreal Independent Film Festival > – Best Independent Film 2021 Official Selection.

MOVEMENT < Berlin Shorts Awards > – Best Original Script 2021 Winner.

MOVEMENT < FlickFair Film Festival  > – Narrative Short 2021 Official Selection.

MOVEMENT < JellyFest Film Festival  > – Narrative Short 2020 Finalist.

MOVEMENT <  Independent Shorts Awards > – Best Indie Short 2020 Winner.