Franck Trozzo Kazagui ( FTK ) is a self-taught french director working with commercials and exploring visual storytelling.


After spending most of his childhood in Africa, he returned to France as a teenager, where he joined the skating community and become a part of the 90´s skating culture. Later on, with impressions collected during his travels moving pictures became Franck’s main passion and inspired him to develop an authentic approach with his work, this international background has shaped him as an enthusiast director who loves to create an intimate relationship between the viewer and the protagonist.


Franck has developed and self-produced several personal projects like Héritage a tribute to Laurent Desmarre which is dedicated to his best friend’s father who passed away from cancer. His short film  Movement earns him a premier on the platform Booooooom and several recognition.

Franck’s currently lives in Berlin, where he is constantly developing his authentic and poetic visual approach.


Recognition & Selected Press:

UNISON – 1.4 -Franck Trozzo Kazagui titled Unison, which is shot through with a striking raw energy. 1.4 caught up with the director in Berlin.  

UNISON – Nowness – Travel between space and time through magnetic energy. 

Interview  1.4 – The fledgling director has already trained his lens on a wide-ranging array of projects.

Gang Gang – Berlin Commercial– Craft: Direction  2021 Official Selection.

Nike / Overkill  – Shots – Well-crafted 2021 commercial.

Movement Toronto Independent Festival of Cift – Best International Narrative Short 2021 Official Selection.

Movement Montreal Independent Film Festival – Best Independent Film 2021 Official Selection.

Movement Berlin Shorts Awards – Best Original Script 2021 Winner.

Movement – FlickFair Film Festival  – Narrative Short 2021 Official Selection.

Movement JellyFest Film Festival  – Narrative Short 2020 Finalist.

Movement  Independent Shorts Awards – Best Indie Short 2020 Winner.

Adidas / Dead Body VOTD – 2017 Winner.