We follow the visual artist Thomas Vanz through his journey, in this special episode of the Raw Materials series in collaboration with Bowmore to share with us the way he finds his inspiration to create his cosmic work.


A film by Franck Trozzo Kazagui for Nowness.


Agency: Nowness.
Creative Directors: Bunny Kinney & Franck Trozzo Kazagui.
Managing Editor: Gavin Humphries.
Video Commissioner: Shelley Jones.
Producer: Noor Miah.
Video Editor: Harry Bowley.


Art Direction: E.C.R

Production Company: Saltwater Films.
Line Producer: Victoria Maschuw.
Executive Producer: Johannes Schmidt.


Cinematographer: Fabio Caldironi.
1st AC: Valentin Pereira.
Gaffer: Julie Joumier.


Editor: Andras Guti.
Colorist: Manuel Portschy.
VFX: Clément Milot.


Music Composer: Augustin Saldjian.
Sound Designer: Mimesis Music.
Voice Over Manager: Nicolas Dautherribes Mckerl.


Accossiate Production: Katlas Production.
Rental: RVZ Paris.


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