A film conceived & directed by Franck Trozzo Kazagui introducing the Clarks Original and Themskates collaboration.


Starring: Jon Julio, Pat Ridder & Bea Dmz.


Art Direction: E.C.R

Production Company: Dog Eat Dog.

Managing Director: Ellie Goodwin.

Producer: Lydia Martland.


Cinematographer: Patrick Pichler.

1st Director Assistant: Joe Ramsden.

1st Camera Assistant: Orlando Morris.

2nd Camera Assistant: Riccardo Angei.

Gaffer: Yan Murawski.

Sound Mixer: George Watts.

Set Photographer: David Sizemore.

1st Photographer Assistant: Scott Quinn.


Editor: Simon Klinkertz.

Colorist: Benjamin Packer.

Film Development & Scan: Cinelab London.


Music Service: Pace Music.

Music Compositor: Brit Myers.

Mixed and Mastered by Pace Music.


Special thanks to Jon Julio, Matthew Stewart & Eric Silverman for the trust.


Shot on Kodak 16MM.


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