A film directed by Franck Trozzo Kazagui for Adidas.


Starring: Stormzy.

Merky FC Squad: Jordan Florenville, Sharissa G, Israel, Babs, Emily, Jeffrey C, Veronica, Darnel, Kijuan, Anisa, Abz & Barbara.


Production Company: 24Productions.

Production Director: Bianca Anton.

Production Manager: Sam Page Jones.

Production Assistant: Louise Flood.


Adidas Team.

Senior Director: Steve Marks.

Key City Activation Director: Anna Wright.

Project Manager: Carlos Harris.

Senior Manager Brand Activation: Nathan Quaye.

Culture Marketing: Gil Hogarth.

Newsroom: Jonny Silcock & Abi Morgan.


Agency: The Midnight Club.

Founder: Ben Mourtrie.

Strategy Director: Rory Morin.

Creative Director: Josh Connel & Franck Trozzo Kazagui.

Account Director: Charlie Warner.

Lead Producer: Jordan Lonsdale.

Producer: Dan Aremu.


Cinematographer: Ed Hiscox.

1st Director Assistant: Philips Nortey.

2nd Director Assistant: Denies Nortey.

1st Camera Assistant: Mike Simpson.

2nd Camera Assistant: Joe Dixey.

Playback Operator: Steven Toft.

DIT: Harvey Davies.

DIT TRAINEE: Aaron Bishop.

Gaffer: Marco Di Giulio.

Electricians: Roman Foster & Aly Gadalla.

Desk Operator: Andy Walton.

Rigger: Gary Chardler.

Motion Control Operator: Nigel Permane.

Motion Control Assistant: Joe Mackenzie Moss.

Runners: Archie Enfield, James Clarke & Rory Purdy.

Unit Manager: Collin Patterson.

Security: Gavin Milligan.

Production Designer: Matt Marsden.

Stylist: Shannon Kelseyann.

Stylist assistant: Alana Newton.

Makeup artist: Lucie Pemberton.

Makeup artist assistant: Josie Hire.


Stormzy Team.

Manager: Tobe Onwuka.

Brand Director: Akua Agyemfra.

Management: Ayesha Lorde Dunn.

Videographer: Jordan Boza.

Stylist: Melissa Akposoe.

Groomer: Bianca Simone Scott.


Set Photographer: Lukas Korschan.

1st Photographer Assistant: Chris Greenaway.

2nd Photographer Assistant: James Newlands.

Digi Tech: Jonathan Rose.


Editor: Dan Merry.
VFX: Nymbl.
Color Grading: Coda Post Production.
Mixed and Mastered by Travis Hefferen.


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