Written & directed by Franck Trozzo Kazagui.

Starring: Oboy, D.A.V, Sally, Bekar & Vicki R, Seth Gueko, Andy 4000, Mehdi Tessier, Leo Mira, Gadoug, OG Drico, Clean P and many more.

Produced by Mireille Production.
Producer: Léo Burgat.
Assistant Producer: Emile Olagne.

Creative Agency: Dcontract.
Agency producer: Romain Bracigliano, Amandine Serges & Lucas Pegon.

Exclusive artists occurred by Deezer  » La Relève  »
Deezer Line Producer: Laetitia Courdray.
Deezer Artistes Marketing: Emile Deutsch.

Artistic Director: Thomas Poirier.
Director of Photography: Clément Milot.
Editor: Djimili Dimou.
Motion Design: Olivier Derieux.
Post-production: Katlas production.
Color Grading: Milo Lee.
Voice Over: Nicolas Dautherribes Mckerl.
Original Sound by Folken.
Sound Design: Aurélien Merz.

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